Mudlow (UK)

mudlowBand. Alternative, Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll inspired by country, garage, Bo Diddley, Tom Waits, Morphine, and The Cramps
Tobias: vocals, guitar
Matt: drums, percussion
Paul: bass

Mudlow are a three piece rock’n’roll band from Brighton, England. Featuring guitar, bass, drums and percussion with howling vocals at their core Mudlow utilise the sounds of sax, piano, brass, harmonica and more on their recordings; the sound is dirty as the swamp that spawned it and sexy as hell. Mudlow present their second LP ‘Sawyer’s Hope’ released on Motor Sounds Records.

They have gigged extensively in Europe and recent mini-tour in America culminated in a storming show at The Deep Blues Festival in Minnesota. They have played with such acts as Seasick Steve, Scott H Biram, The Black Diamond Heavies, The Jim Jones Revue, Robert Love ( Alabama 3), The Detroit Cobras and Bob Log III. They have also performed live radio sessions for BBC Southern and Joe Cushleys show on Resonance FM in London.

Mudlow’s live shows and their albums continue to recieve positive reviews in the press : “Unique, challenging…infinitely listen-able (Mercury Music Prize take Note)”- Darren Howells, Blues Matters “Blues sung with a low rasp and roar, guitar as nasty and swampy as you want.”- Everett True, Plan B Magazine
“Thrusting screaming sax, hollering harmonica, dirty guitars and sleazy howling vocals…the kind of music that makes you want to bark like a dog…”- Erin Prior, BBC Southern Counties

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Alternative Blues, Rock ‘n Roll