The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo (BE)

The Goon Mat & Lord BenardoDuo. Alternative Blues, North Mississippi Hill Country Blues
The Goon Mat: vocals, drum en and guitar.
Lord Benardo: harp and vocals
Originated from Stinky Lou And The Goon Mat, Featuring Lord Benardo.

It is said that they’re the fiercest boogie & roots duo on the European continent. These guys don’t ease into a set but they raise hell as soon as the first chords leave the speakers and if they ask you wether you’re ready to boogie, you better shout “Hell yeah”!
What happens next are over 90 minutes of adrenaline and alcohol drenched primal boogie. The Goon Mat is really into the hypnotic beat reminiscent of Junior Kimbrough. While Lord Benardo, well he sure is something else. He plays the harp with an abundance of energy and devotion not seen ever before.

The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo sure would stand their ground in Chulahoma en Holy Springs, Mississippi (USA) alongside Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, T-Model Ford and their whiskey guzzling mates with their blood-shot eyes. Their music isn’t the clean and decent kind of blues, it’s testosterone and alcohol drenched boogie blues you should dance to and not fit for minors. Mothers; mind your daughters, these guys have bad things in mind!

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Alternative Blues, North Mississippi Hill Country Blues