Crushed Out (USA)

Crushed OutDuo. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Atomic 50’s RnR, Country Blues, SoCal Surf
Moselle Spiller: drums
Franklin Hoier: vocals, guitar

Crushed Out is an electrified honky-tonk surf duo from Brooklyn, NY, who’s joyous and high-energy live shows are known to melt cold cold hearts and set folks to dancing in the aisles. Their new record TEETH, built on a foundation of timeless melodies ringing with crystalline reverb, fans the fire they lit on their 2012 debut Want To Give.
The husband-wife duo of Moselle Spiller and Franklin Hoier draw deep from their shared love of ‘atomic’ 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, country blues, and SoCal surf guitar to creating a sound that delivers on all those things rock ‘n’ roll promised us so long ago.

Since 2010 Crushed Out have toured with the likes of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Gories, Band of Skulls, Shakey Graves, and Social Distortion, among others.

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Atomic 50’s RnR, Country Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, SoCal Surf