The Mighty Yaya (NL)

The Mighty YayaBand. Stonerblues, garage rock/blues.
Louis van Empel: guitar, vocals
Aart van der Wulp: harp
Harmen de Bresser: bass, vocals
Gabriël Peeters: drums

The Mighty Ya-Ya has landed again, bringing its second album: “Magnum Sonus”.
And it’s a BIG, BIG, BIG sound indeed! Way heavier than its predecessor.
Garagerock with a twist, stonerblues or completely-over-the-top, call it what you want but the Ya-Ya tells it like it is: ever groovy, perpetually rockin’ and dripping with tons of soul…
Say what? Well, like QOTSA and John Lee Hooker recording to the same mic. Tom Waits in full Zulu-dress leading a seventies Afro-beat combo. Jack White and King Crimson thumping a one-chord rock opera with all amps turned beyond healthy and Arthur Lee Love disassembling “Stairway to Heaven” assisted by a gang of Cossacks.
Strap in and experience the Mighty Ya-Ya slammin’ its drums, rattlin’ its strings and blowin’ its reeds into orbit, disregarding a safe reentry into earth’s atmosphere. To ignorantly go where no man has gone before: 12 tracks of ferocious energy traveling the stratosphere at supersonic speeds.
So put that needle in the groove: here’s something that’s gonna make you move!

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Blues, Garage, Stonerblues