Bon Scotch (NL)

Bon ScotchBand. 70’s Hardrock, AC-DC cover band (Bon Scott songs only)
Mari Maas: Vocals
Geert Sanders: Drums
Michel Joosten: Guitar
Mario Peeters: Guitar, vocals
Theodoor van Heugten: Bass, vocals

You might think; why a 70’s Hardrock band in Chulahoma Tour support’s roster? Well, I started my musical journey in the early 80’s, AC-DC with Bon Scott was, and still is, one of my al-time favorites. I’ve seen and heard a lot of AC-DC cover bands in the years that folowed, some better than others, but never before a band that came so close to the original AC-DC sound like BON SCOTCH. This band plays Bon Scott songs only…. Book ‘em and you’ll understand why!
Since the band was founded at the end of 2009, Bon Scotch has undergone a considerable evolution. From local bars to the bigger venues, packed festivals and several shows abroad, everyone is quite impressed by this rendition of the AC / DC 70’s sound.
Bon Scott is no longer among us, but you would almost forget when listening to Bon Scotch. A show with all the songs from the Bon Scott era, and a sound that’s almost a good as the real thing; there’s no better way to lull you back into 70’s than at a show with Bon Scotch.
It’s A Long Way To The Top, If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll!!