Tour Management

As your tour manager, I make sure that the band’s only concern is the actual show itself. All other things will be taken care of by the TM: logistics, backline, merchandise, trouble-shooting, hotel check-in, contact for venue, hotel, promoters, payments, administration, I handle it all.

I consider it to be of the utmost importance that you, and all others on the road, arrive at their destination safely. No show on earth is worth a human’s life!

Chulahoma Tour support produces its own tour book and makes sure there’s plenty of time reserved for rests and unforeseen delays. I can proudly state that I’ve never missed a show.

Chulahoma Tour support can provide you with a driver, tour manager, light and sound techs, and someone to handle your merchandise sales.

I can communicate fluently in English, German and, of course, Dutch, both in speech and in writing. I can manage pretty well in French.

Chulahoma Tour support has been “road dogging” in the whole of Europe (including the United Kingdom), Canada, and United States.

Keep calm and rely on the tour manager